Relaxing rain - Sounds of nature


💧 Listening to the sound of rain falling next to the sound of running water always makes people more relaxed and comfortable, as if receiving the relaxation of nature, gradually bringing us to a good night's sleep. 💧 If you sleep with the sound of falling rain, white noise can create a "masking" effect, causing people to underestimate the noise, helping to mask many subtle changes that they don't perceive. Tags: sound of rain, sound of rain lulling to sleep, sound of falling rain, sound of falling rain, loud sound of rain lulling to sleep, thunder, lullaby, thundering rain, lullaby to study, white noise lulling to sleep, white noise lullaby, sound of rain lullaby, sound of foggy forest rain, sound of foggy forest rain, lullaby of rain, sound of forest rain, farmer's rain, rain of rain forest, sound of rainforest rain, sound of rainforest rain Tropical lullaby, rainforest sound, heavy rain sound, heavy rain

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大雨と雷の音 ~深い眠り~ 雨の音は眠りを与えてくれる

大雨と雷の音 ~深い眠り~ 雨の音は眠りを与えてくれる

Relaxing rain - Sounds of nature
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