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The Story of Our Home (2016) (DPRK)


“The Story of Our Home” made its world premiere at the 2016 Pyongyang International Film Festival, screening at the Taedongmun Cinema Hall No. 1 on Sep. 20. The film won the Best Torch Award – equivalent to the festival’s “best film” award – and Paek Sol Mi captured the Prize for Best Actress.

A Traffic Controller on Crossroads (North Korea)


Korean title: 네거리초병 Subtitles: English Hardcoded North Korean Drama from 1986 Please subscribe for more insight in DPRK media and culture "This is a film about traffic safety. It starts off with a woman who has just been newly christened in her job as a Pyongyang traffic supervisor. On her first assignment, she encounters a man who is using his work truck for personal use, along with driving unsafely. She detains him before eventually finding out that he was delivering the washing machine to her house. She attempts to hide in another room, but the man sees her. She immediately feels guilty for her actions." Source: 🤍 This movie belongs to Korea Film Export and Import Corporation 조선수출입사 Buy the movie: 🤍 GREATEST NORTH KOREAN MOVIECLIPS: Kidnapped by South Korea (English Subtitles): 🤍 Life in the USA (English Subtitles): 🤍 A war criminal's regretful misdeeds (English Subtitles): 🤍 North Korea as the "Axis of Evil" (English Subtitles): 🤍 This is what happends if you insult the dignity of the Supreme Leadership! (Korean only): 🤍 Kim Il Sung the Legendary Hero of Korea (Korean only): 🤍 Meeting a young Kim Il Sung (Korean only): 🤍 NORTH KOREAN ENTIRE ENGLISH MOVIES: Wolmi Island (1982) English Subtitles: 🤍 Ask Yourself (1988) English Subtitles: 🤍 The Country I saw (1988) English Subtitles: 🤍 The Story of a Blooming Flower (1992) English Subtitles: 🤍 On the Green Carpet (2001) English Subtitles: 🤍 Nation and Destiny - The big North Korean movieserie (1991) English Subtitles: 🤍 Don't forget to subscribe!

New North Korean film trailer "One Day, One Night" [English subtitles]


#ExtremelyRareDPRKvideos #NorthKoreanFilm #Trailer #OneDayOneNight The Korean April 25 Film Studio, has created and released the art film One day, one night, based on the real story of Comrade Ra Myong Hui, a hero and war veteran, who engraved a valuable feat on the sacred path of defending the leader. A preview of the art film “One Day, One Night” was held at the Pyongyang International Film Center on the 9th April, 2022. Through the day and night struggles of an ordinary maiden nurse who overcomes life-threatening hurdles and exposes the secrets of the conspiracy of anti-party counter-revolutionary factions, the film tells the story of a day and night struggle to defend her leader and protect her system. It clarifies the theme idea that this is the duty of citizens of the country.. The high ideological and spiritual world of the protagonist, who devoted her life to defending Comrade Kim Il Sung, aroused passionate sympathy from the audience. The film will soon be screened in central and provincial cinemas and cultural centers.

Myself in the Distant Future (North Korea)


Korean title: 먼 후날의 나의 모습 Alternative title: My Look in the Distant Future, My Appearance in the Distant Future English Subtitles Year of production: 1997 Directed by: Jang In Hak Written by: Yui Ung Jong Music: 어머니조국에 기쁨을 더해주리

Song of Retrospection (North Korea)


Korean title: 추억의 노래 Directed by Ryu Ho-son Year of production: 1986 Mr. Komak, a musician from one foreign power, and Ra Sol Ju, Navy communicator of DPRK, who also does have a sense of music, met twice. First, on the Korean War, where she captured him, and then at the Festival of Youth and Students in Berlin. Many years later, Komak is coming to the festival in Pyongyang, with hope to find her. The movie belongs to Korea Film Export and Import Corporation 조선수출입사 Seeking help to translate these videos from Korean to English: 🤍 Thank you.

Soviet Red Army in Korea during anti-Japanese Revolution (Excerpt from DPRK Film 'Eternal Comrades')


The 2-part movie "Eternal Comrades" is a Soviet-DPRK co-production. The full Korean version can be watched here: 🤍 The film begins with the by South Korea initiated assassination attempt on Kim Il Sung with a hand grenade on March 1st, 1946. The Soviet soldier Yakov Novichenko had thrown himself on the grenade to save the life of Kim Il Sung. The soldier survived seriously injured, he lost an arm and part of his eyesight. In 1984, Kim Il Sung visited him in his Siberian homeland. Yakov Novichenko died in 1994 only five months after the demise of President Kim Il Sung 🤍 🤍

DPRK: The Land Of Whispers (North Korea Travel Documentary) (2013) // *CUT VERSION - see comments!*


North Korea lies somewhere between a 1930′s Soviet Union frozen in time and a dark, futuristic vision of society... as imagined back in the 70′s. "Land of Whispers" invites you to visit arguably the most unique and isolated travel destination in the world - not to criticize, but to observe and listen. Aside from usual highlights such as Pyongyang or Arirang, this unique one-man documentary brings you to areas such as Chongjin or Wonson, still virtually unknown to even google or wikipedia. There, I attempt to pierce through the ever-present 'national mythology' and as much as possible, I try to connect with people - such as the waitress mesmerized by tablet computers, or a tour guide cautiously fascinated by modern pop culture. * Third World Indie Film Festival 2013 (San Francisco, USA) / Best Feature Documentary * * Utopia Film Festival 2013 (Greenbelt, USA) / Official Selection * * Global Peace Film Festival 2013 (Orlando, FL, USA) / Official Selection * * Jayu: The North Korean Human Rights Film Festival 2013 (Canada) / Official Selection * - * You're watching a heavily CUT-UP version of the film with nearly the whole SOUNDTRACK removed. With youtube terms changing over the years and with constant false-flagging of the film by parties who'd like it taken down, these edits have been forced onto me as a condition for keeping the film online. * Watch the complete, ORIGINAL VERSION of the film on Amazon & soon on my web site: Watch on Amazon: 🤍 Watch at EtheriumSky.com: - Link Coming Soon - - WATCH OUR OTHER FILMS! ARTIST POLICE (Vietnam/Germany, 2020) A visual, told-thru-performance true life story of Vietnam's most bizarre and controversial censorship police officer turned artist extraordinaire! 🤍 YT: 🤍 "LOVE MARKET" (Vietnam, 2016) Far up in Vietnam’s remote mountains, once a year, a secretive Love Market is held. Delving beyond the ambiguous myths, this unique, independently produced adventure documentary discovers a reality much more fascinating, even if painful, than the legends told! YT: 🤍 Amz: 🤍 - SUPPORT THE FILM AND FILMMAKER! Friends, please support this project by donating! PayPal Donate: 🤍 The film is non-commercial, was made with private money and is available for viewing for free. All funds raised will be reinvested for production of our upcoming projects. Any amount helps. If you like the film, if you want to see more - please be generous! - SOUNDTRACK Listen to the soundtrack here: 🤍 All songs are listed in the film's end credits! Check before you ask! - CONNECT WITH US! For more information on this and other projects, please visit: 🤍 Join us on facebook: 🤍 Reddit AMA: 🤍 Read the filmmaker's story from 'The Word' Magazine: 🤍 Film Trailer: 🤍 We're available for client work worldwide! Business Inquiries Contact: info🤍EtheriumSky.com - "DPRK: The Land of Whispers" is a privately funded, fully independent production. We are little guys working with no resources and no affiliation. * Please respect our copyright! * We do not tolerate unauthorized use of our work. Thanks for playing fair.

Song from DPRK film


A song from a DPRK film made in the early 1990s. Can any Korean speakers help me with the title of this please.



Western Propaganda From An Asian Perspective. Worth A Watch!

DPRK Film Scene - Song of General Kim Jong Il


From the North Korean Film "수호자들" Guardians

DPRK / Film City – "True children of the Party"


DPRK / "True children of the Party" At the end of our tour through the Film City let's call it "KORYOWOOD", a favorite child of KIM JONG IL we got a chance to watch a North Korean production at the film auditorium. The two of us with our two "permanent" guides sitting behind us waited in the complete darkness while the technicians tried to start the film. It took them several attempts to get the screening going and I got my camera ready in the meantime. The love story turned out to be a pitiless propaganda piece with the purpose to drill emotions to follow the party line. It carried a wicked message for all those whose emotions threatened to override party discipline.

On the Green Carpet (North Korea)


Korean title: 푸른 주단우에서 (Purun Chudanueso) Subtitles: English (Improved by me) North Korean Romantic-drama from 2001 Directors: Rim Chang-bom and Jon Kwang-il The film's title refers to the turf of the stadium which hosts the May Day mass games in Pyongyang. On the Green Carpet was the first North Korean film to be invited to the Berlin International Film Festival, where it was screened in 2004 as a special one-off event. It had been chosen by the festival committee from a selection of ten films, and aroused a great deal of interest. The film is a drama, which involves a coach who is preparing a group of schoolchildren for the May Day mass games and a former colleague who has now become his superior. She feels that he is being too demanding of his young performers, as the show he has devised requires a series of multiple somersaults. However, the children are willing to work as hard as necessary and the film culminates in a lavish display of their abilities. Source: 🤍 IMDB: 🤍 🤍 The movie belongs to Korea Film Export and Import Corporation 조선수출입사 Buy the movie: 🤍 Wolmi Island (1982) English Subtitles: 🤍 A Broad Bellflower (1987) English Subtitles: 🤍 The Story of a Blooming Flower (1992) 🤍

[Version 2]Accordion — Korean song "New star" 새별 DPRK film | Песня КНДР "Новая звезда" на аккордеоне


This song is from the same-named Korean film "새별" Original song: 🤍 Another accordion version: 🤍 Seo Un hyang version: 🤍 MV from the film: 🤍 Another MV: 🤍 Karaoke version: 🤍 The film (새별): 🤍

Rare DPRK film - Country of Orchards (1973)


I received an unique opportunity to view this rare propaganda footage from the seventies DPRK. Unfortunately I was not prepared. I only had my phone to record, and the battery died half way in. Still I hope what I managed to record will be of interest. I am fairly certain this film can not be found elsewhere online, though I'd be happy to be proven wrong in this regard. Search terms: DPRK North Korea music song Merited Chorus Mansudae Samjiyon Chongbon Moranbong Band Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble army march Kim Il Sung Kim Jong Il Kim Jong Un

Pyongyang Nalpharam - North Korean MARTIAL ARTS Movie (English Subtitles)


Pyongyang Nalpharam, DPRK 2006 Plot The film is set in the early 20th century, during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea. Jong Thaek is a master of Pyongyang Nalpharam, a form of the ancient Taekkyon martial art perfected on Mount Taeseong near Pyongyang. He returns home one day to find his father poisoned by Korean-born Japanese woman Mieko, who claims that the elder was responsible for the death of her own father. At first mistaking the woman for his childhood sweetheart, So Kyon, Thaek is forced into action when Japanese forces lay claim to the sacred texts containing the secrets of Pyongyang Nalpharam. Nalpharam is a predecessor to Taekwon Do.

The mole: North korea Documentary


Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel♥️✌️ Discover the truth about life inside North Korea in this gripping documentary featuring secret footage and firsthand accounts from an undercover journalist who infiltrated the country for 10 years. With keywords like "undercover journalism," "North Korea," "human rights abuses," "propaganda," and "totalitarianism," this video offers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of one of the world's most secretive societies. From daily life under the dictatorship to stories of escape and defection, this documentary sheds light on the challenges faced by those who live under this repressive regime. Don't miss this eye-opening look at the reality of life inside the Hermit Kingdom.This content is not owned by me.

DPRK Film Clips


A selection of clips from DPRK feature films.

[ENG&1966]On the Railway|North Korean Movie|Korean War|Rare (DPRK film English Subtitles)


Look what Dear Comrade Kim Jong Suk left under my Christmas Tree! Note: the exact date is unknown. Some other sources say 1960.

[ENG]Soviet-North Korean Movie - From Spring to Summer (1988) English Subtitles


Story(short so no spoilers): Soviet Soldiers are in Korea during World War 2 for a scouting mission.

Korean Film Music Vol. 18 || 조선영화음악 제18집


Korean Film Music Vol. 18 || 조선영화음악 제18집 || Музыка корейского кино. Альбом №18 Pyongyang, 1998 || Пхеньян, 1998 год - 1) Alas, but I don't have the photos of this CD in good quality || К сожалению, фотографий данного альбома в хорошем качестве у меня нет 2) All files were taken from Naenara website. Download (128 kbps) - 🤍 || Все файлы были взяты с сайта Нэнара. Ссылка на загрузку (128 kbps) - 🤍 3) Pangchang = chorus behind the stage - 01 [00:00] I Don't Like the Flower without Fragrance From the film "Urban Girl Comes to Get Married" (🤍 Female solo - Jang Un Yae 02 [02:39] O Glow, Red Glow From the film "8련대 정치위원" (🤍 Female solo - Kim Myong Hui 03 [06:21] The Girl I Will Love From the film "Oath" (🤍 Female solo & male ensemble - Han Gum Hui 04 [08:13] You and Me From the film "내 마음속의 너" Male solo with pangchang - Ri Gyong Hun 05 [11:31] My Country Everyone Lives Happily From the film "My Grandfather" (🤍 Female solo with pangchang - Choe Sam Suk 06 [14:39] The Girl Who Always Lives in Spring From the film "봄을 가꾸는 처녀들" Female Duet with pangchang - Kim Song Hui, Han Gum Hui 07 [17:20] The Girl Who Dedicates Motherly Love From the film "고마운 처녀" (🤍 Female solo with pangchang - Choe Sam Suk 08 [21:07] Leave My Seat From the film "A Soldier Returned To His Alma Mater" (🤍 Female solo with pangchang - Ju Mi Hyang 09 [25:06] Motherland Loves Us Most From the film "먼 후날의 나의 모습" (🤍 Mixed Duet - Ri Gyong Hun, Jang Un Ae 10 [27:25] I'll Add Pleasure to My Motherland From the film "먼 후날의 나의 모습" (🤍 Female solo with pangchang - Jong Son Yong 11 [31:51] My Mother Still Full of Affection From the film "하나의 생각" Female solo with pangchang - So Yon Hui 12 [34:45] O, Motherland From the film "Nation and Destiny" (Most of the 62 parts are available on YouTube) Female solo with pangchang - Jo Chong Mi 13 [39:50] The Path a Poet Follows From the film "Nation and Destiny" (Most of the 62 parts are available on YouTube) Female solo with pangchang - Ri Sae Byol 14 [45:00] This Is My Home Village From the film "끝나지 않은 편지" Female solo with pangchang - So Yon Hui 15 [49:17] Longing for Your Embrace From the film "풍랑속의 50일" Female solo with pangchang - Ri Sae Byol 16 [53:47] Firm Pledge From the film "대홍단 책임비서" Mixed suet with chorus - Kim Jong Nam, Jong Son Hwa = ① 향기없는 꽃 나는 싫어 예술영화 《도시처녀 시집와요》중에서 녀성독창 장은애 ② 노을아 붉은 노을아 예술영화 《8련대 정치위원》중에서 녀성독창 김명희 ③ 내 사랑할 처녀 예술영화 《맹세》중에서 녀성독창과 남성중창 한금희 ④ 너와 나 예술영화 《내 마음속의 너》중에서 남성독창과 방창 리경훈 ⑤ 남이 없는 내 나라 예술영화 《우리 할아버지》중에서 녀성독창과 방창 최삼숙 ⑥ 봄을 안고사는 처녀 예술영화 《봄을 가꾸는 처녀들》중에서 녀성2중창과 방창 김성희 한금희 ⑦ 어머니사랑을 바치는 처녀 예술영화 《고마운 처녀》중에서 녀성독창과 방창 최삼숙 ⑧ 내 자리를 남겨다오 예술영화 《병사는 모교로 돌아왔다》중에서 녀성독창과 방창 주미향 ⑨ 조국은 우리를 제일 사랑해 예술영화 《먼 후날의 나의 모습》중에서 혼성2중창 리경훈 장은애 ⑩ 어머니조국에 기쁨을 더해주리 예술영화 《먼 후날의 나의 모습》중에서 녀성독창과 방창 정선영 ⑪ 가슴엔 사랑 넘쳐요 예술영화 《하나의 생각》중에서 녀성독창과 방창 서연희 ⑫ 아 조국아 예술영화 《민족과 운명》중에서 녀성독창과 방창 조청미 ⑬ 시인의 길 예술영화 《민족과 운명》중에서 녀성독창과 방창 리새별 ⑭ 여기는 내 고향 예술영화 《끝나지 않은 편지》중에서 녀성독창과 방창 서연희 ⑮ 그리워 찾는 그 품 예술영화 《풍랑속의 50일》중에서 녀성독창과 방창 리새별 ⑯ 붉은 맹세 예술영화 《대홍단 책임비서》중에서 혼성2중창과 합창 김종남 정선화 = Примечание. Названия всех фильмов даны в корейском и (частично переведённые) в английском тексте. 01) "Я не люблю цветы без аромата" Женское соло – Чан Ын Э 02) "О, алый закат" Женское соло - Ким Мён Хи 03) "Девушка, которую я полюблю" Женское соло и мужской ансамбль - Хан Гым Хи 04) "Ты и я" Мужское соло в сопровождении хора за сценой - Ли Гён Хун 05) "В моей стране все счастливо живут" Женское соло в сопровождении хора за сценой - Чхве Сам Сук 06) "Девушка, которая всегда живёт весной" Женский дуэт в сопровождении хора за сценой - Ким Сон Хи, Хан Гым Хи 07) "Девушка, отдавшая материнскую любовь" Женское соло в сопровождении хора за сценой - Чхве Сам Сук 08) "Покидаю своё место" Женское соло в сопровождении хора за сценой - Чу Ми Хян 09) "Родина любит нас больше всего" Смешанный дуэт - Ли Гён Хун, Чан Ын Э 10) "Добавлю счастья своей родине" Женское соло в сопровождении хора за сценой - Чон Сон Ён 11) "Моя мать полна привязанности" Женское соло в сопровождении хора за сценой – Со Ён Хи 12) "О, Родина" Женское соло в сопровождении хора за сценой - Чо Чхон Ми 13) "Путь, по которому идёт поэт" Женское соло в сопровождении хора за сценой - Ли Сэ Бёль 14) "Вот мой край родной" Женское соло в сопровождении хора за сценой - Со Ён Хи 15) "Тоскую по твоим объятиям" Женское соло в сопровождении хора за сценой - Ли Сэ Бёль 16) "Твёрдое обязательство" Смешанный дуэт с хором - Ким Джон Нам, Чон Сон Хва

조선영화 《다시 시작된 우리집 문제》


Resolve another problem of my family 다시 시작된 우리집 문제 #조선영화 #북한영화#우리집문제 #dprk film #north korea film

North Koreans speaking at the DPRK film week in Berlin


Ryom Mi Hwa, Ri Gwan Am and Jang Yu Son speaking at the Grand Opening of the DPRK film week at the Babylon Theatre in Berlin, Germany

"A Forest Is Swaying" DPRK Film Review


In todays episode of Comrade SeonJeon we review the film "A Forest Is Swaying." Video recorded 7/27/22 Victory Day In The Fatherland Liberation War. That Is Why Said Information Is Mentioned. Watch A Forest Is Swaying here:🤍 Follow Comrade SeonJeon on Instagram for updates and other content related to the DPRK:🤍 Here is the what I consider the main theme of the film. 🤍

조선영화 《곡절많은 운명》 제1부 후편


#조선영화 #북한영화 #dprk film #north korea film 제작연도: 1995 DPRK Film: My fortunes with many complications Part 2

"The Schoolgirl’s Diary" 2006 [North Korean Movie]


The Schoolgirl’s Diary (or The Journal of a Schoolgirl) is a DPRK film directed by Jang In-hak. It debuted at the 2006 Pyongyang Film Festival and was reportedly watched by over 8 million North Koreans. A French company purchased the distribution rights for the film in French-speaking European countries and released it in France at the end of 2007. The Schoolgirl’s Diary is a gently sketched tale of a rebellious teenager, exasperated by her intensively working parents. Su-ryeon, longs for the cosmopolitan, apartment-living lifestyle of the city and lashes out at her parents and her older sister. She tries to understand her father’s devotion to his country and to scientific achievement at the expense of his own family’s happiness. In questioning her father’s values, the rebellious teen begins to defy her mother, a hardworking librarian who spends her evenings translating scientific articles. The coming events will give her perspective on her situation.

조선영화 《우리 처가집 문제》


Resolve the problem of my wife's family 조선영화 우리 처가집 문제 #조선영화 #북한영화#우리집문제 #dprk film #north korea film

DPRK Film#dprk #northkorea #film #korean


North Korea Film 🤍explorenorthkorea.com

조선영화 《우리는 모두 한가정》


#조선영화 #우리집문제 #북한영화 #dprk film #north korea film

A Family Bright With Songs (DPRK)



How North Korea Finally Made It Impossible to Escape


Get Exclusive NordVPN deal here ➼ 🤍 It’s risk-free with Nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee! Please Subscribe: 🤍 RealLifeLore on Spotify: 🤍 RealLifeLore on Facebook: 🤍 Select video clips courtesy of Getty Images Select video clips courtesy of the AP Archive Special thanks to MapTiler / OpenStreetMap Contributors and GEOlayers 3 🤍 🤍 🤍

조선영화 《곡절많은 운명》 제1부 전편


#조선영화 #북한영화 #dprk film #north korea film 제작연도: 1995

조선영화 《우리 사돈집 문제》


Resolve the problem of the family related by my son's marriage. 우리 사돈집 문제 #조선영화 #북한영화#우리집문제 #dprk film #north korea film

조선영화: 《소중히 여기라》(두 제자)


#조선영화 #북한영화 #dprk film #north korea film 제작처 : 조선예술영화촬영소 제작연도 : 미상 상영시간 : 81분

Polish DPRK documentary "Parade" [Subtitles] / Polski fIlm dokumentalny o KRLD "Defilada" [Napisy]


Movie produced by Central Television Programme and Film Production Company POLTEL in 1989. Democratic People's Republic of Korea as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. The celebrations coincided with the Seoul Olympics. The film was acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, as evidenced by numerous awards: Prix Italia 1989, Leipzig - Grand Prix 1989, Silver Lajkonik 1989, Mannheim - Golden Ducat 1989, Golden Screen 1989. Original title: "Defilada" Screenplay and realisation - Andrzej Fidyk Photos - Krzysztof Kalukin, Mikolaj Nesterowicz Editing - Jolanta Kreczmańska Sound - Jacek Bąk Production management - Nina Gromadkiewicz For educational purposes only. We are NOT a political association. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

조선영화 《곡절많은 운명》 제2부 전편


#조선영화 #북한영화 #dprk film #north korea film 제작연도: 1995 DPRK Film: My fortunes with many complications Part 3

조선영화 《담가소대장》


#조선영화 #북한영화 #dprk film #north korea film 국가: 조선 제작사: 조선 4.25예술영화촬영소 제작연도 : 1995년 상영시간 : 97분 줄거리: 훈련지도를 하러 내려온 부국장 만식은 담가대원들을 대견한 시선으로 바라보며 대오를 인솔하는 진향의 얼굴이 익숙한데 기억이 나지 않아 의아해한다. 일을 마치고 내려오던 만식은 진향을 보곤 “아! 김춘희..”라는 말을 한다. 만식은 예전 박격포 중대장 시절을 생각한다. 만식은 은철이라는 연락병을 데리고 그의 누나가 있는 사단 군의소를 찾아 가지만 마침 은철의 누나 춘희는 훈련 중이었다. 만식은 은철에게 누나를 만나고 새벽까지 중대에 들어오라고 하고는 혼자 돌아 간다. 한편 춘희는 간호원들에게 담가드는 훈련을 시키고 있었는데 다쳐서 군의소에 왔던 병사 홍주가 다 나았으니 떠나겠다는 말을 하고 춘희는 아쉽게 홍주를 보낸다. 이때 은철은 춘희를 발견하고 자리를 옮겨 천막 안에서 이야기를 나누는데 은철은 연락병을 그만두고 소대에 가서 싸우겠다는 말을 하고 춘희 역시 자신이 담가소대장이 됐다는 얘기를 한다. 다음날 연대장이 춘희 역시 전투정황을 알아야 한다며 불러 연대지휘부에 간다. 회의가 끝나고 연대장은 춘희만 남기며 담가소대장에 자원한 춘희를 칭찬하며 고맙다고 말한다. 한편 밖에선 만식이 공병근대장 근학과 얘기를 하고 있다 춘희가 나오자 근학은 ‘은빛제비가 담가소대장이 됐는가?’라고 한다. 만식은 ‘은빛제비’가 뭐냐고 물어보고 춘희의 콧대가 높아 다들 그렇게 부른다고 말한다. 그때 춘희가 만식을 찾아와 인사를 하고 근학을 소개시켜준다. 춘희는 호감없는 표정으로 인사하고 자존심이 상한 근학은 “난 군의소 신세는 안지오”라며 퉁명스레 말한다. 춘희 역시 반응이 없고 근학은 만식과 춘희가 어떻게 알게 됐는지 궁금해 한다. 담가를 옮겨야 하는 춘희는 만식이 마차를 빌려주어 담가를 들지 않고 편하게 이동하게 되었다. 그때 근식은 폭약을 가져가야 하는데 적기의 폭격을 받아 자동차가 길에 틀어박고 말았다. 마침 마차에 담긴 담가를 보게 되고 공병중대장이 뺐었다고 하라고 하며 담가를 내리고 폭약을 싣는다. 하지만 마차에 다 들어가지 않자 춘희는 간호원들에게 폭약을 담가에 실어 가지고 가라고 한다. 무사히 폭약을 가져가 근학은 신호탄을 쏘아 올린다. 폭약을 싣고 간 근학은 박격포 진지에서 부상을 당하고 춘희는 자기가 직접 담가를 들고 근학을 옮긴다. 부상병들을 군의소로 옮기고 나자 부상병들이 더 있다는 소리가 들리고 춘희와 간호원들은 다시 박격포중대진지로 간다. 박격포진지에선 만식이 큰 부상을 당해 은철이 만식을 업고 부상병이 있는 은폐호로 가려 했으나 지척에서 폭탄이 터져 은철과 만식은 정신을 잃는다. 담가대원들은 은폐호에서 부상병들을 싣고 가고 춘희는 혹시 몰라 격전장을 세심히 살펴보다 흙무지 속에서 쓰러져있는 은철을 발견한다. 정신을 차린 은철은 만식이 옆에 쓰러져 있다며 만식을 옮기라고 하고 춘희는 만식과 은철을 양손으로 부축해 데려가려 하지만 힘이 부족해 만식을 먼저 옮기기로 한다. 은철에게 꼭 다시 온다는 약속을 하고 만식을 옮기자마자 은철이 생각에 격전지로 돌아가지만 춘희의 등에 엎여 오던 은철은 죽고 만다. 한편 입원실에서 떠들고 있던 근학에게...

[조선영화] 방패 제1,2부


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