Havasu Falls

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Backpacking Havasupai, Arizona - All the waterfalls


Backpacking Havasupai, Arizona - All the waterfalls I always wonder if anyone reads these descriptions. I sure don't. But I love typing stuff so much, I'll do it anyway. Plus algorithm and all that. Havasupai is an amazing place. It has waterfalls. Lots of waterfalls. And teal blue water. And super hard to get permits. But I got permits anyway. Because that's what I do. Oh wait. I screwed up. I was supposed to get two permits so I could hike it with my wife. But instead, I only got one. So I backpacked it solo. Tina wasn't too upset since it's not fun hiking out of this place. Anyway, the hike to Havasupai is fairly straightforward. Except that a lot of people underestimate it and regret it. It's maybe 11 miles and 2,000(ish) feet of elevation loss. Yeah, you can take a helicopter in (when they're running) and you can have the mules/horses carry in your pack. But that's no fun. So I carried all my stuff in. Around 9 miles, you come to Supai villiage. It's another 2 miles to the campground, but you can restock at the store or eat at the cafe before continuing on. On the way to the campground, you first pass Fifty Foot Falls. Shortly downstream you will come to Navajo Falls. Both are beautiful, but it's not until just before the campground that you really get a taste for what you're in for. Shortly after crossing a bridge and seeing some Navajo taco stands, you'll come upon Havasu Falls. Havasu Falls is a 98 foot waterfall. And it is impressive. Here is where I usually forget about the crowds and how tired I am and just stand there in awe. Havasu Falls is a sight to behold. But that's only the start of it. Right after Havasu Falls, you come to the campground. I want to say it's about a mile long. Here you look for a decent spot (first come first served.) Set down your gear and continue on. At the end of the campground is my favorite spot; Mooney Falls. Mooney Falls is impressive for a couple of reasons. First, it's the tallest falls in Havasupai. Second, the pathway to the bottom of Mooney Falls is sketchy. Very sketchy. The path proceeds down an impossibly steep cliff face, through two tunnels and then what appears to be a dead end. But here you pick up the ladders and chains to proceed on. On my first descent, I was going down with someone I met on the path. He looked at the chains and turned around. I've seen quite a few people do that. It's slick with spray from Mooney Falls, steep and...less than ADA compliant. But if you make it to the bottom, it's worth it. Mooney Falls from the base is incredible. And there's more. Continue downstream another 2 or 3 miles and you come to the last set of waterfalls; Beaver Falls. And the hike between Mooney and Beaver in itself is incredible. Plenty of swimming holes, small waterfalls and if you're lucky some big horned sheep. For the really adventurous, you can continue downstream from Beaver Falls all the way to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. This is called the Confluence, where the teal blue water of Havasu Creek meets the Colorado River. (I didn't do this on this trip, but I have been before.) And that's about it, if that weren't enough. On this particular trip, I wanted to take a helicopter out. It's not that I couldn't carry my stuff and hike out myself; it's an $80 (or so) cost to take a helicopter out of the Grand Canyon. Which is money well spent, even if just for the helicopter ride. Unfortunately, someone heard that you were supposed to meet in front of the lodge for the helicopter. That is incorrect. You wait by the helicopter pad. Someone figured that out after a ton of us had waited in the wrong spot for hours. Instead of forming an orderly line, chaos ensued and everyone started shoving and arguing. This isn't why I go into the wilderness, so I grabbed my backpack and hiked my way out. A slight annoyance on an otherwise incredible trip. Music by Epidemic Sound: Silver Maple - We Are Giants Music by Artlist: Duke of Norfolk - Dylan Thomas Bitter Bitter Will Van De Crommert - Back to Bach Cello Version Tiko Tiko - Against All Odds Ohad Ben Ari - Clair de Lune Debussy SOURWAH - Its Going Down

Havasupai Falls Reopens // 4K // Spring 2023


Havasupai Falls reopened in the spring of 2023, after a three-year Covid closure. A flash flood turned Havasu Creek's famous blue waters muddy brown for a week in March, and left longer-term damage to the trails. You can find much more on the waterfalls, the permits, and the 11-mile hike in to Havasupai Falls here: 🤍 The Havasupai Tribe puts strict limits on permits. People visiting in 2023 are either on the permits they bought three years ago, or are buying transferred permits from people who are canceling their trips. ⏱ Video Timeline ⏱ 00:11 Havasu Falls 00:22 2022 Flash Flood 00:35 Flood debris 00:50 Havasupai Campground 01:06 Fry bread stand 01:14 Bridges across Havasu Creek 01:35 Mooney Falls 02:12The Confluence with the Colorado River 02:42 Big-horn sheep 03:01 How to get a permit for Havasupai Falls FOLLOW JARED: Website: 🤍 Monthly Newsletter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Havasupai Falls Full Hike 4K 🇺🇸


#Grandcanyon #Supai #Havasupai My Backpacking solo trip to Havasupai Falls !! best trip ever ! Made this video with a 30 lbs backpack Record it on MAY 22 / 23 2017 Guide: 🤍 reservations: 🤍 12 Mile Hike * Little navajo Falls * Havasu Falls * Mooney Falls * Beaver Falls Record on May 22/23 2017 Support me on Patreon: 🤍 If you are a youtuber you need Tubebuddy ! TubeBuddy is a browser extension built for YouTube creators that can save hours of time, help optimize videos, help engage with audience! ... Tubebuddy will find the best TAGS for you to grow your YouTube Channel ! It worked for me ! Follow this link : 🤍 MAIN GEAR: MAIN CAMERA: 🤍 SMALL 4K CAMERA: 🤍 ACTION CAMERA: 🤍 THE BEST SUCTION CUP CAR MOUNT: 🤍 ACTION CAMERA BITE MOUNT MOUNT: 🤍 MAIN LENS: 🤍 ZOOM LENS: 🤍 FILTER CIRCULAR ND KIT: 🤍 CPL FILTER: 🤍 LENS CLEANING KIT: 🤍 SD CARD: 🤍 MICRO SD CARD: 🤍 BACKUP DRIVES: 🤍 GIMBAL: 🤍 SMALL GIMBAL FOR POCKET 4K CAMERA: 🤍 TRANSMOUNT QUICK SETUP KIT: 🤍 EXTRA TRIPOD STAND GIMBAL: 🤍 ACCESSORIES CASE: 🤍 BATTERY CHARGER + 2x BATTERY: 🤍 LOW PROFILE BAL HEAD 360 : 🤍 CAMERA SLIDER: 🤍 MICROPHONE 1: 🤍 MICROPHONE 2: 🤍 AUDIO RECORDER: 🤍 AUDIO RECORDER CASE: 🤍 CAMERA BAG SMALL: 🤍 CAMERA BAG NORMAL: 🤍 FIELD MONITOR: 🤍 GREY CARD: 🤍 DESK GEAR: ULTRA WIDE MONITOR: 🤍 HDD DRIVES: 🤍 GRAPHICS CARD: 🤍 AUDIO INTERFACE:🤍 STUDIO SPEAKERS: 🤍 KEYBOARD: 🤍 MOUSE: 🤍 HEADPHONE: 🤍 SATA DOCKING STATION: 🤍 LAPTOP: 🤍 HIKING GEAR: BACKPACK: 🤍 BACKPACK DAY HIKE: 🤍 TENT: 🤍 SLEEPING BAG: 🤍 BACKPACKING BOOTS HIGH: 🤍 By using the affiliate links i earn a small fee of your purchase, it does not cost you anything extra to use them. They help me to be able to create more videos for you. Thank you for the support! #Havasupai #Havasupaifalls #Arizona #Grandcanyon #Supai

Havasupai Falls - A Journey to Wonderland


A once-in-a-life experience to the mysterious Havasupai Falls deep in Grand Canyon. We had a big group of 20 hiked down and spent 3 days there. The camping permit was extremely hard to get but the beauty of Havasupai worth every effort you made for it.

Havasu Falls with Grand Canyon Employee ‘TEX!’, + Mooney Fall’s Crazy Chains and a Flash Flood!


Visit Havasu Falls with Grand Canyon employee and mule wrangler ‘TEX!’. Experience Havasupai and Hualapai nations, Supai village, Havasu Falls, the infamous chains and ladders down to Mooney Falls, Beaver Falls, 50 Foot Falls, Little Navajo Falls, and a horse ride out! Day 0: 2 hour drive from Grand Canyon south rim to check in at Grand Canyon Caverns Inn, 8 mile drive to hotel at Hualapai Lodge Day 1: Alpine start with a drive from Hualapai Lodge to the trailhead, 8 mile hike in, Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls Day 2: Mooney Falls, 2 mile hike to Beaver Falls, flash flood! Day 3: Havasu Falls, 50 Foot Falls, lunch at the Supai village cafe, Little Navajo Falls Day 4: Horse ride out



Join us as we head back to the magical turquoise waterfalls of Havasupai! We went back in 2019 and were so excited to head back to the gorgeous oasis after 3 years of holding onto our permits. This video goes over everything you need to know about visiting Havasupai - from the best waterfalls, hiking to the Confluence, what to bring backpacking, where to camp, where to park, a trail recap, getting permits, and more! //HELPFUL LINKS: ○ Havasupai Campground Reservations: 🤍 ○ Our Blog on Havasupai: 🤍 ○ Our Fave Backpacking Apparel: 🤍 ○ Backpacking Gear: 🤍 & 🤍 ○ Get Your Free Backpacking Gear Checklist on 🤍 Make sure to subscribe for more adventures!: 🤍 //FOLLOW OUR ADVENTURES ○ Website: 🤍theloverspassport.com ○ Instagram: 🤍 ○ Facebook: 🤍 ○ Youtube: 🤍 ○ Tik Tok: 🤍 ○ Blog: 🤍​​ ○ Pinterest: 🤍 //Adventure Photography E-Book: ○ Buy Now - 🤍 //Travel Content Creation Gear: ✖ Camera Bodies: ○ Canon R5: 🤍 ○ iPhone 14 Pro ✖ Older Camera Bodies: (more beginner friendly/no longer in our camera bag but still recommend) ○ Canon 80D: 🤍 ○ Canon 5D Mark IV: 🤍 ✖ Lenses: ○ Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM: 🤍 ○ Canon RF 24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM: 🤍 ○ Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L is USM Super-Telephoto Lens: 🤍 ✖ Tripod: ○ Peak Design Travel Tripod (Carbon Fiber): 🤍 *literally the best tripod for travel photography ✖ Wireless Bluetooth Remotes: ○ Pixel: 🤍 ○ Pebble: 🤍 ✖ Action Cameras: ○ Go Pro Hero 10: 🤍 — Vertical Mounts: 🤍 — Go Pro Chest Mount: 🤍 — Go Pro Head Mount: 🤍 — Go Pro Under/Over Dome: 🤍 ○ Insta 360: 🤍 ○ Insta 360 Pole: 🤍 ✖ Drones: ○ DJI Mini 3 Pro: 🤍 ○ DJI Mini 3 (More Beginner Oriented): 🤍 ○ Drone Filters: 🤍 ✖ Film Cameras: ○ Canon AE1: 🤍 ○ Pentax K1000: 🤍 ✖ Lens Accessories: ○ Peter McKinnon Polar Pro ND Filter: 🤍 ○ UV Filters: 🤍 ✖ Mics: ○ Blue Yeti Mic: 🤍 ○ Rhode Lapell Mics: 🤍 ✖ Camera Bag & Accessories: ○ PM Nomatic Backpack: 🤍 ○ Peak Design Backpack: 🤍 ○ Peak Design Capture Clip: 🤍 ○ Walkie Talkies: 🤍 ✖ Drives: ○ SSDs (Best SSD on the Market): 🤍 ○ WD Element Hard Drive: 🤍 ✖ Cleaning & Care: ○ Waterproof SD Card Holder & SD Cards: 🤍 ○ CF Express Card: 🤍 ○ Air Puffer: 🤍 ○ Microfiber Cloths: 🤍 ✖ TOOLS & SERVICES WE USE: ○ Where we find our music (Epidemic Sound) - 🤍 ○ Keyword Research Tool for Youtube (TubeBuddy) - 🤍 FTC Disclosure: This video is not sponsored. All opinions are honest and our own. Above are affiliate links which means we receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products via those links. All of these links are generated by Amazon or Avantlink and provide us with a small percentage/kickback should you use them to purchase any of the items we use. Be sure to subscribe for more bucket list adventures, travel guides, itineraries, hiking tips, gear reviews, national park guides, cool locations, tutorials, and adventures! For business inquiries, please email theloverspassport🤍neonroseagency.com #havasupai #arizona #travel

The Havasupai Falls Hike: From the Permits to Havasu Falls


Before you set your eyes on Havasu Falls and the other waterfalls along Havasu Creek on the Havasupai Reservation, you'll need to hike 11 miles through the desert. Before you set off on your hike, you'll need to buy a permit from the Havasupai Tribe. For a complete guide to the Havasu Falls hike, check out: 🤍 ⏱ Video Timeline ⏱ 00:00 Intro to Havasupai Falls 00:15 Permit pickup & the drive 00:33 Hualapai Hilltop parking lot 0052 Havasupai Trailhead for the Havasu Falls hike 01:00 Hiking down into Havasu Canyon 01:12 Hiking through the canyon 01:40 Advice on gear 02:04 Havasupai mules 02:50 Havasupai helicopter 03:19 Water on the hike to Havasupai 03:28 Havasu Creek 03:39 The village of Supai 03:55 ATVs at Havasupai 04:05 Little Navajo Falls 04:10 Havasu Falls in the Havasupai Campground 04:30 Wrap: The best time to visit Havasupai At the Hualapai Hilltop parking lot, you'll find an office and an outhouse, but no water and a very weak cell signal. It's 11 miles from the Havasupai Trailhead to the campground. It's 8 miles to the village of Supai. The Havasupai Tribe maintains the long series of switchbacks you'll use to hike down into the canyon. Along the way, you'll pass mule trains carrying supplies and hikers' luggage. For $400, you can reserve a mule to carry your gear. Reservations have to be made when you initially get your permit. The Havasupai helicopter is never a guarantee, and you cannot reserve it. It only flies certain days of the week, and you have to sign up and wait for your name to be called. At the end of the trail, Havasu Falls appears and is the perfect welcome to the Havasupai Campground! FOLLOW JARED: Website: 🤍 Monthly Newsletter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

The waterfalls of Havasupai


The waterfalls of Havasupai In 2020, Havasupai was closed to the general public due to the pandemic. No one knows when they will re-open. Or if they will re-open. I was lucky enough to go there twice and the experiences are still stuck in my mind. I've been missing this place lately, so I went through my old footage and created this video. I visited 50 foot falls, Havasu falls, Mooney falls, Beaver falls and the confluence. Navajo falls were closed due to some recent flooding, unfortunately. I also got to hitch a helicopter ride out for $80. Having hiked it out the year before, I can safely say that was the best $80 I ever spent. I hope you enjoy. Music by Epidemic Sound: City Sun - Mochas Echoes in Orbit - Hanna Lindgren #havasupai

The Havasupai Campground: What You'll Find at Havasu Falls


Havasu Falls is the perfect welcome into the Havasupai Campground, which you’ll reach after an 11-mile hike. There are no roads to this oasis in the desert, near the Grand Canyon. For a complete guide to the campground, check out: 🤍 ⏱ Video Timeline ⏱ 00:00 Intro to the Havasupai Falls Campground 00:15 Havasu Falls 00:25 Ranger station 00:33 Advice on your campsite 00:44 Camp on Mooney Falls 00:54 Campfire rules 01:01 Composting toilets 01:12 Havasupai Campground spring 01:25 Cell service at Havasupai 01:33 Fry bread stand 01:50 Crossing Havasu Creek 02:10 ATVs are the only vehicles 02:17 Garbage at the campground 02:30 Extra supplies for campers 02:58 Wrap: When to visit Havasupai Falls After passing the ranger station at the entrance of the Havasupai Campground, keep walking. The campground is more than half-a-mile long. You'll be able to find the perfect spot next to the creek. Services are limited. There are a few composting toilets, and a spring for water. There's no electricity, and no cell service. In the afternoons, a family sets up a fry bread stand on the trail above Havasu Falls. The menu changes, but usually includes cold drinks and a few food options. Indian tacos are a welcome change from the freeze-dried meals you’ll be eating at your tent! At the ranger station, you’ll find things people have left behind, which you can buy. Some of it is trash, but some is useful. The inventory changes as hikers leave things behind. FOLLOW JARED: Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Full Havasupai Guide and Itinerary (WITH 2023 UPDATES)


Backpacking guide to Havasupai Campgrounds. Fifty foot falls, Havasu, Mooney Falls, and Beaver Falls hikes. Our budget backpacking gear we used for this trip: Mens Backpack: 🤍 Women's Backpack: 🤍 Gravity Water Filter: 🤍 Sleeping Pad: 🤍 Sleeping Bag: 🤍 Camping Stove: 🤍 Food Storage: 🤍 Odor Proof Storage Bags: 🤍 Headlamp: 🤍 Trekking Poles: 🤍 Pocket Knife: 🤍 Favorite Freeze Dried Food: 🤍

Havasupai Falls reopens after three years of being closed


After a three-year pandemic closure, one of the most challenging and beautiful hiking trails in Arizona is once again open for visitors. STORY: 🤍

Havasu Falls - Havasupai - Arizona - 4K


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Havasupai Falls Ep. 1: THE HIKE



Havasupai Backpacking-Tips and Hiking Guide


Havasupai Indian Reservations, AZ Paradice on Earth- The Havasupai Indian Reservation is a Native American reservation for the Havasupai people, surround entirely by the Grand Canyon National Park, in Coconino County in Arizona. It is considered one of America's most remote Indian reservations. Permit reservation- log on to this following link. Each year of February 1st is when the online reservation starts but it sold out almost instatly even in winter months. From my experience, checking the cancelations each morning at 8 Am is the best bet. 🤍

The ULTIMATE Guide To Havasupai Falls // Watch This Before You Go!


This is the ultimate guide to Havasupai and its beautiful waterfalls located in Supai, AZ. This video has everything you need to know before you go to see the Havasu Falls! How to get to Havasupai, Supai rules, what you need to bring to Supai, and MORE! ► Learn to travel while you work: 🤍 ► Join the exploration & SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 ▼◦▼◦▼ CLICK SHOW MORE FOR LINKS & INFO ▼◦▼◦▼ My full Havasupai experience: 🤍 Camping Reservations: 928-448-2180 or 928-448-2237 Havasu Lodge Reservations: 928-448-2111 AirWest Helicopter Information: 623-516-2790 This is a comprehensive guide for getting prepared to go to Havasupai. This ultimate guide to Havasupai includes information about how to get to Havasupai, lodging and camping in Havasupai, cost of Havasupai, rules of Havasupai, hiking in Havasupai, and what to bring to Havasupai. The Havasupai Indian Reservation is a reservation for the Havasupai people surrounded by the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The capital of the Havasupai Indian Reservation is Supai. The entire area is filled with lush green plants, blue-green creeks, and crystal blue waterfalls. You are able to hike, camp and swim in the Havasu falls and creeks. Though it can get extremely hot in the canyon, it is extremely refreshing to jump into the cool blue waters of Havasupai. FIND ME: 🤍redromina on instagram/twitter/facebook/vidme APPAREL: 🤍 SUPPORT: 🤍 BLOG: 🤍 EDITED BY: 🤍quenniebars on Instagram EQUIPMENT: 🤍 STICKERS: 🤍 HELLO! I make videos about travel, digital nomad lifestyle and entrepreneurship. Please subscribe if you like what you see and be sure to tap on that bell to get notifications for new videos! MUSIC: All music provided by Epidemic Sound Get a 30 day free trial: 🤍

Paradise in Arizona?!!! Yes! Must See!!!Havasupai Falls 2023 There’s just No Other Place Like It!!!


Don’t miss out , make sure to check out this little slice of paradise in Arizona! We promise you there is just no place like it. The strenuous hike is no joke, but if your up for the adventure it’s well worth it. We waited many years to get our permits to Havasupai and finally got lucky in 2020. Then of course Covid hit , and our reservations were cancelled for three long years! Finally this year the camgrounds were reopened and we were finally able to explore this amazing place this past June. It was worth the 3 year wait! We decided to helicopter for this adventure. I had never flown on a helicopter and so we figured what a more epic way to start our trip then to chopper in. Although I must say, flights are not always available, and it is first come first serve, but all members of the Havasu tribe do have priority to fly first. So there is a chance you may get stuck having to hike in after waiting all day for the chopper, so just plan accordingly. Luckily , there was only one other couple the day we flew in. Once we arrived in the campground , our jaws hit the ground! Talk about a tropical paradise!!! The colorful desert landscape contrasted so beautifully against the the bluest water you ever did see, and talk about waterfalls everywhere!!! Not to mention the famous Havasu Falls and Beaver Falls and so many more. So much green everwhere from the vegetation made you forget you were in the desert, it felt like a scene out of the movie Avatar! No lie!! We seen wildlife, and had yummy fry bread, met lots of great people! Of course the grueling long 11 mile hike out the canyon was no joke! Yes we hiked out, but it being June in Arizona, we don’t mess with the heat so we started our hike at the crack of dawn! This was by far one of the most memorable hike. And if you never get to make it to this place, we hope you at least enjoyed following along with us. Just FyI permits are required, not super easy to obtain, the permits are pretty costly , not recommended to hike during summer months . Some waterfalls can be a little scary to hike to , some big descent down the side of the canyon, so just know your limits, do your research, and if you can, go for it!

Trip to Havasu Falls


Been trying to get here since before COVID. Finally opened back up this year and we were so excited to be able to visit. The stark contrast of desert and water make this oasis a truly beautiful and unique place. It is in a remote area of Arizona and not easy to get too, but well worth it if you can manage.

Havasu Creek & Colorado River Confluence - Trail Guide - 2018 - Mooney Falls, Beaver Falls


Trail Guide for the hike from Havasu campsite to the confluence of Havasu Creek and the Colorado River. I was lucky enough to get permits to Havasupai two years in a row. The first year, my wife and I checked out Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls. This year, I set my sights on all the falls and the confluence of Havasu Creek and the Colorado River. The confluence was incredible, but during my research, I couldn’t find a detailed guide to help me plan for what to expect.…so I decided I would put together my own trail guide for the Havasupai hike from Mooney Falls to the Confluence of Havasu Creek and the Colorado River. I hope you enjoy and find it helpful. Any questions, feel free to ask. Mooney Falls/Trailhead coordinates; 36.262394, -112.709528 Confluence Coordinates: 36.306801, -112.763515 Join the “Havasupai and Havasu Falls” Facebook group for additional information to plan your trip. Music – Flavors - oomiee

Havasupai Falls 2023


Havasupai Falls 2023

A Detailed guide to the Havasupai Waterfalls in Arizona


In this video we provide a guide to the waterfalls of Havasupai located in Arizona. We break down costs for camping and lodging near the havasu village as well as different options for transportation. We mentioned the three ways to get to Havasupai as well as detailed information on prices and fees. We shared the cost for Helicopter via Airwest. We also tell you the price for renting horses to get there and we’ll show you how we hiked. We mention distance from hualapai parking lot to to havasu village and from village to campground. We shared prices and options for pack mule rentals. We hiked from the Hilltop of Hualapai to the Campground of Havasupai Waterfalls and tell you how the hike is. We share with you What to expect in Havasupai waterfalls? What you will be provided once you get to the office of Supai and we tell you where you can buy food in the village near the waterfalls. We shared footage of the compost toilets in the campground. We show you the fern spring drinking water and how the campground in havasupai looks. We explain how to get to Havasu falls, Mooney Falls, and Beaver Falls. We show in detail the way down to mooney falls. We also answer the question, What to bring to Havasupai waterfalls? We explain what to use For comfort and for injury prevention. We also share what to bring as far as food and cookware and we tell you if you need gloves to hike down Mooney Falls.Lastly, we tell you what we would have done different in our trip to Havasupai Waterfalls? #havasupaiguide #exploringhavasupai #havasupaidetails The awesome guitar played in the end of video was by 🤍 - - You can follow our daily journey at 🤍 - - Hualapai Hilltop address / the beggining of hike 🤍 - Official Havasupai Web Page - 🤍 - Official place for reservations - - 🤍 - Havasupai Phone number - (928) 448-2121 - Lodge Phone Number - (928) 448-2111 or (928) 448-2201 - Most of the items mentioned in the video can be purchased here. Your purchase helps our travel / journey. - Our favorite camping tent - 🤍 - Solar electronic charger / power-bank - 🤍 - Camping cook set - 🤍 - Lightweight Folding Camping Pots - 🤍 - MRE's Meal, Ready-to-Eat - 🤍 - Beef Jerky - 🤍 - Oatmeal for breakfast - 🤍 - Travel towel - 🤍 - Travel pouch - 🤍

Scrambled Cleggs: Havasupai Waterfall Trip 2023


Got on the Havasupai cancellation list and chose a date and just made it happen. It was incredible!!

Havasupai Falls 2023 (04.14-04.17)


Superbowl Sunday of 2020 we were lucky enough to score tickets to Havasupai Falls, with COVID on the rise, our dates were pushed to 2021 then 2022, and once more to 2023. Happy to report it was absolutely worth the wait! 4 days, 3 nights, and ~35 miles later, within the most remote village of the continental U.S., we got to experience the most beautiful waterfalls in America. Here’s a little snippet of our venture.

Havasu Falls: One of the most beautiful waterfalls in USA


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Watch this BEFORE YOU GO | Backpacking Havasupai- The Full Trip Report


This is the "no frills" Full Trip report of our backpacking trip to Havasupai. There is no cinematic attempt to draw you in...I'll do that in later videos. This is a see it like it is video...a longer edit to capture the memory of this amazing place as it was. This longer edit was made in hopes that it would help others plan a trip to this place...and also to make the viewer feel like they were with us. Enjoy! GoPro HERO9 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5K Ultra HD Video, 20MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization 🤍 FeiyuTech G6 Hand Grip Gimbal 3-Axis Stabilizer for GoPro Hero 8/Hero 7/Hero 6/Hero 5/Hero 4/SJCAM/YI 4KSport Action Camera 🤍 Energizer HIGH TECH Fast Charging, High Capacity 10000mAh Lithium Polymer, 2 USB-A Ports, Universal Power Bank w/ LCD Digital Screen for iPhone, Samsung, and More UE10036 🤍 GoPro Rechargeable Battery (HERO8 Black/HERO7 Black/HERO6 Black) - Official GoPro Accessory 🤍 Dual Battery Charger + Battery (HERO9 Black) - Official GoPro Accessory (ADDBD-001) 🤍 SanDisk 128GB Extreme MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - C10, U3, V30, 4K, A2, Micro SD - SDSQXA1-128G-GN6MA 🤍 April 13th - April 15th Day 1- Hike from Hilltop to Havasu Campgrounds and Havasu Falls Day 2- Climb down Mooney Falls and hike to Beaver Falls Day 3- Havasu Falls, Hike to Supai Village, and Helicopter to Hilltop Music by: The Artisan Beats- Underneath You Join my wife and I at 🤍readyscentgo.com Proverbs 3:6

Cost of visiting Havasupai in 2023 #camping #backpacking #havasupai


More or less than you expected? 😬 Here’s how much my husband and I spent to visit Havasupai in 2023: *Note: We’ve had our permits since 2020 so it felt like we paid it off over the last three years 😅 🎟 Permits - $350/each For 3 nights in the campground, the permits are $350 per person. 😴 Hotel - $70/night As of 2023, you aren’t allowed to camp/sleep at the trailhead. The closest hotel is 1 hour away and was $140 a night. To split up the cost, we shared a room with our friends. 🚙 Gas - $80 We drove from Phoenix, making it 518 miles roundtrip. 🍳 Food - $80 Backpacking food is expensive!! Between dehydrated meals and snacks, my husband and I spent about $80 on food. ⛺️ Gear - $340 The first time we visited Havasupai in 2016, we had to buy ALL our backpacking gear! 🤑 This time, we wanted/had to make some upgrades (new sleeping pad, backpacking stove + hammock), which cost about $340. 👉🏻 OUR TOTAL: $1,270 🤯 This is just what WE spent… There are other costs to consider to visit Havasupai - flights, rental car, use of mules and Helicopter, etc. + the cost of gear/food will vary from person to person… If you don’t plan on backpacking after your visit to Havasu Falls, I highly recommend renting gear from REI! There are two stores nearby - one in Las Vegas and one in Flagstaff. Overall, it’s an expensive camping trip and a privilege to visit 🙏🏼 Have any questions?? 📍 Havasupai Land

Havasupai Falls: My Full Experience with Backpacking and Swimming in Mooney and Beaver Falls


After waiting 3 years (because I got my permit in 2020 and had to wait due to Covid), I was finally able to visit Havasupai Falls. It was a magical experience. Watch the video for my full experience. I ended up backpacking in and out and visit Havasu Falls, Mooney and Beaver Falls as well. Havasupai is my favorite hike and place I’ve ever been too which was why I had to vlog my experience and hopefully answer some questions that newer visitors may have. We got lucky to get blue waters when we went but regardless, it was so mind-blowing. I’d definitely recommend. Leave any questions below and I’ll answer them and give me recommendations on where to visit next! #explore #havasulife #havasupai #havasufalls #mooney #backpacking #backpacker #beaverfalls #mooneyfalls #vlog #vlogger #vlogging #camping #camp #outdoors #outdoor #travel #travelvlog #traveling #trendingshorts #trending

Havasupai - CAMPGROUND (Walkthrough the Most Beautiful Campsite EVER!)


In this video we will walk from the front gate all the way down the main trail to Mooney Falls. There are four bathrooms and one water spring we will stop at. Hopefully this video will help you get acquainted to camp and maybe help you find a great camp spot for your next trip! Our budget backpacking gear we used for this trip: Mens Backpack: 🤍 Women's Backpack: 🤍 Gravity Water Filter: 🤍 Sleeping Pad: 🤍 Sleeping Bag: 🤍 Camping Stove: 🤍 Food Storage: 🤍 Odor Proof Storage Bags: 🤍 Headlamp: 🤍 Trekking Poles: 🤍 Pocket Knife: 🤍 Favorite Freeze Dried Food: 🤍

Havasupai Helicopter - The Full Ride Out


After visiting Havasupai, we took the helicopter back up to Hilltop. We covered 8 miles in about 8 minutes. This is a video of the entire flight out. If you are visiting Havasupai it is definitely worth the $85. Enjoy! Music by: Amillion - Amerindian Dark Rituals Check us out at 🤍readyscentgo.com Proverbs 3:6

Cliff Jumping Havasupai - Insane Tricks in 4K! | DEVINSUPERTRAMP


SUBSCRIBE! ► 🤍 Join Our Community! ► Patreon:🤍 🤍 Super thanks to Mountain House for making this video happen! They provide all the freeze dried foods on all our outdoor adventures, where you can #JustAddWater for an amazing meal! Check them out now in the link above! Watch the behind the scenes in the link below! 🤍 The music in the video was made by our rock star friends, CON BRO CHILL! They are awesome! The song is called "In Sie Cloob", download it, and their album in the link below: 🤍 To get the stabilized shots we used the Devinsupertramp Signature Glidecam. You can get it on Amazon in the link below: 🤍 Filmed on the Red Dragon in 6K. Dji Inspire (4K Drone). And GoPro4. Aerial Photography by Dakota Walbeck and Devin Graham using the Inspire One: We got our drone in the link below: 🤍 Find out more about the drone we used from their website below! 🤍 Film by Devin Graham and Teamsupertramp Edited by Tyson Henderson and Devin Graham Sound Design by Nick Sales Behind The Scenes by Nick Sales And last but not least, make sure to follow me on twitter and facebook, it's the cool thing to do these days :) 🤍 🤍 🤍 This video was sponsored by Mountain House. All video rights belong to Devinsupertramp For business inquiries ONLY, contact me here: devinsupertramp🤍gmail.com

Exploring Havasupai | PART 1


☆ MORE ADVENTURES ☆ INSTAGRAM: 🤍 Exploring Havasupai | PART 2 🤍 You Have to See it Before You Die: Havasu Falls ——————————————————————————————— Havasu Falls is a paradise on Earth. It is an incredible waterfall located in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Even though it’s not easy to hike there, this place is definitely worth a visit. It will be smart to plan this hike ahead. So it’s a 12 mile hike along the bottom of Hualapai Canyon. There is nothing but rocks, cliffs and baking sun. The most difficult part of this hike is in the very beginning of the trail where you need to get to the bottom of the canyon, going switchbacks for about a mile. It is not that hard when you go down, but on the way back to the parking lot you will have to brace yourself because it’s gonna be the hardest part of the trial. As a person was there and went through all the pain and blisters, let me give you a few helpful tips for this hike: 1. Be sure to bring A LOT of water wit you. It will be even better if you get insolated bottles and fill it with cold water. Trust me, there’s nothing better that cold water in this hit. You’ll remember my words when you’re there. 2. Get super comfortable super high quality hiking shoes and water shoes. You will not be able to survive there without them. There is no way. 3. Think TWICE about all the stuff that you want to carry with you if you want to carry it on your back. My personal suggestion – do not carry it on your back. Use horses or helicopter (but be sure to book it while ahead). 4. After 10 miles of hiking in the canyon, you will reach the Indian village, where you can find a restaurant, a store, and even wi-fi! No kidding! But don’t get too comfortable because you have to hike 2 more miles to the campground. Packing for Havasupai: 🤍 Havasupai Q&A: 🤍 ——————————————————————————————— ☆ CONTACT ME ☆ julia.pelio1🤍gmail.com ——————————————————————————————— ☆ CAMERAS ☆ GoPro 4: 🤍 DSLR 70D: 🤍

Havasu Falls in Havasupai Supai Arizona June 3th 2023


Check out this 24-mile out-and-back trail near Supai, Arizona. Generally considered a challenging route. This is a very popular area for backpacking, camping, and hiking, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime

Havasu Falls Backpacking Baby Horse Surprise!


Welcome to Wonderhussy Adventure #219 Backpacking down to legendary, beautiful Havasu Falls! This is a trip I've been wanting to take for a LONG time, but it's logistically complicated: you have to get a permit, and carry all your gear down 10 miles into the canyon and back out! But I'm here to tell you....IT'S WORTH IT! This is one of those rare instances where a place turns out to be just as amazing and beautiful as it looks online. In this video I cover all the logistics, from camping at the trailhead the night before, to the hike itself, eating at the cafe in tiny Supai Village, and a side trip down a VERY sketchy system of slippery old ladders and chains to Mooney Falls. As litigious as the U.S. is, I can't believe they let people do this!! I'm not kidding this was WAY sketchier than Angels Landing in Zion....and just about on par with the cables on Half Dome! But the biggest surprise was waiting for me back up at the trailhead, the morning after I hiked up....OMG!!! wonderhussy, wonder hussy, havasu, havasupai, havasu falls, havasupai falls, supai village, mooney falls, wild baby horse, havasu horses, havasupai horses, supai horses, havasu how to, havasu sketchy, havasupai sketchy, havasupai how to, hike havasu falls, hike havasupai falls, backpacking, grand canyon backpacking, grand canyon waterfalls

Havasu Falls - The Wildland Trekking Company


One of the most beautiful places in the world, Havasu Falls is a tropical paradise in the Grand Canyon desert. Explore its magnificent waters with the experienced guides at 🤍



Hiking and Camping in Havasupai Falls was a top 5 experience of our entire lives. It is beyond incredible, indescribably beautiful, fantastically unique. Words and pictures won't do it justice, but maybe a video will... With this video we put together your one-stop go-to for everything you need to know about hiking and camping in Havasupai. Oh, and OF COURSE we included AS MANY videos and pictures from Havasupai as we could take! A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. So it is simple math: this Havasupai video is worth a million words. VIDEO TIME STAMPS: 0:00 - Introduction 1:18 - Hiking in to Havasupai from on top of the Grand Canyon 2:46 - Camspite - How to Choose Where to Camp and set up your campsite! 3:50 - Havasu Falls First Visit! 4:55 - Start of Day 2 - Planned on hiking to Confluence, ended up going to Beaver Falls - find out why! Hint: bring the right shoes on your trip... 5:31 - First Mooney Falls Visit - the largest waterfall in Havasupai! Takes scary hike down to get there though... 6:51 - Beaver Falls - the most BEAUTIFUL waterfall not only in Havasupai, but on planet EARTH 7:37 - Hiking back to the campsite we met a few baaaaaaaad boys 8:28 - Start of Day 3 - Second try at hiking to Confluence - a full 16 miles! 10:41 - Made it to the Confluence! It was an INCREDIBLY beautiful hike 12:19 - Day 4 - hiking out - and...BLOOPERS! Havasupai Falls is a literal wonderland. No place on earth has this mix of stunning blue water, enormous waterfalls, and steep canyons. It is LITERALLY in the Grand Canyon people. The canyons surrounding Havasupai Falls could NOT be better, after all there is no place on earth called the Grander Canyon... Stop 1 - #havasufalls You will finish your hike down the Grand Canyon by being treated to one of the most stunning waterfalls EVER! Havasu Falls. 100 feet tall, blue water flowing over red rocks into a deep pool below. Stop 2 - #camphavasupai Selecting your campsite in Havasupai Falls is CRUCIAL to having the time of your life. We will share all of our tips and tricks we learned on the ground. Stop 3 - #mooneyfalls After you select a campsite, you can head to the South end of the campsite to see Mooney Falls. At 200 feet, twice as high as Havasu Falls, and even more beautiful, if that is even possible. Stop 4 - #beaverfalls During your 3 night trip (you can only go for 3 nights now starting in 2019...) you HAVE to go to Beaver Falls MULTIPLE times. Beaver Falls is Julie's favorite place in the world. Not saying that as a figure of speech. It is her favorite place in the world. Period. Stop 5 - #confluence If you feel up to the task, the Confluence of Havasu Creek and the Colorado River is 8 miles EACH WAY, but oh so worth it! Havasu Creek = BLUE. Colorado River = Brown. When the two rush together, the colors don't blend, they swirl. Like a cotton candy & chocolate frozen yogurt creation! If you want to read more about hiking and camping in Havasupai Falls we wrote a 7,500 work How-To guide with a complete packing list, hiking guide, itinerary, and suggestions on getting a permit! We even tell you how to get a permit if you missed the February release of permits for this year! We can help. 🤍 Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow along with our adventures on: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Our Blog: 🤍 About Zach & Julie: We first found out each other had a passion for travel when we started dating, and set off on our first trip together to sunny San Diego after only dating for a few short weeks! You really learn who someone is when you travel with them... Everything started off great with a delayed flight and lost baggage (the only reason Zach has broken Julie’s terrible overpacking habits and convinced her to become a backpacker gal) but we bonded the rest of the time over sunsets, bike rides, seafood and strong coffee. We were quickly hooked to the feeling of exploring a new place and found ourselves planning our next trip before returning home from the last. Starting in January 2019, we purchased a 2001 Volkswagen Eurovan MV and are making the road our home! We spent 2 months converting our van (Winnie) into our home, with a TON of help from YouTube tutorials, and of course some help from Zach's handyman pops. Now every day is a new adventure!

Havasu Falls. Day One of Epic Blue Waterfalls in Havasupai.


The first day of our Havasupai trip. These magical blue waterfalls have become a world-famous backpacking destination. I was lucky enough to score permits for Wendy and I.



I was lucky to snag a last minute-permit transfer. I never thought I would be able to hike this for a couple of years since they just re-opened on February and only permit holders before Covid hit could go first. It was an amazing 4 day trip! Even though it is still winter, the water is tolerable. I would love to come back! Content of this video 00:00 - First Day (Hike from Hilltop to the Havasupai Campground) 00:40 - Supai Village 01:27 - Campground 01:39 - Second Day (Hike from Campground to Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls) 01:53 - Mooney Falls 03:44 - Hike to Beaver Falls 06:43 - Palm Tree 07:09 - Beaver Falls 08:14 - Hike back to campground 08:33 - Fry Bread stand 08:47 - Hike back from Supai Village to the campground 10:13 - Third Day Fern Spring drinking water 10:37 - Hike to Supai Village 11:44 - Horses playing 11:57 - Afternoon hike to Havasu Falls 13:29 - Packing out and hiking back to Hilltop

Havasu Creek in the Grand Canyon - Home of the Havasupai


WESTERN RIVER EXPEDITIONS 🤍 Day five [of Western's Grand Canyon 6 day expedition] you’re going to stop at Havasu. And even day three, day four, you know, some of those earlier days, they’re almost setting you up to stop at Havasu. It’s the highlight of the trip for most people. Havasu consists of waterfalls and pools, and waterfalls and pools, and waterfalls and pools for miles and miles and miles. It’s a great place to, sort of, maybe do your own thing and leave the group for a while, and go find a - your own private nook for swimming, or sunbathing, or, or just hanging out. Havasu is a gorgeous canyon. Blue green water, uh, flowing on down over big boulders, made white by the minerals in the water. That’s Havasu. The water does something you wouldn’t expect when you’re in the desert. It’s beautiful. I was in this canyon as a seven year old, with my family. As a seven year old, you remember the, the hugeness of the uh, the size of those rapids. You also remember these magical places, and the blue water of Havasu Canyon. Earlier today we stopped at Havasu. Got to hike up the, the canyon a little bit, and my wife Terry was bold enough to jump into the water. My favorite thing was Havasupai. The water was so blue. It was warm, and it rushed over the rock. It’s just really spectacular. Everything - the serenity - it was just gorgeous. I’d always heard about Havasupai, and had never been there. Most of the people that I know that have been there, have come down from the top, so they - they’re at a different, um, spot than we were at. But it was so beautiful. If, if you told someone that the color of the water was the color it really is, they would never believe you. And when they look at the photos, they’re going to think they were photoshopped. And it was just refreshing to get in and swim and hike. That blue water is something that is just unbelievable to me. It’s the color I’ve never seen in nature anywhere else. Havasu, and so much of the other offerings of the canyon, has really helped me to appreciate nature, and to really respect what grandeur and what amazing experiences lie beyond the… the four walls of work. We took dozens of pictures, and they'll never do it justice. The cameras can take pictures, but it’s difficult to capture the grandeur of where you are. Yeah, this has been an absolutely fantastic, uh, adventure. To witness all the scenery, and the magnificence of it, it’s overwhelming. Have I found peace down here? Sure. It’s just been nice to look at the rocks and listen to the river as we head on back. It’s been a great experience. You can see the Grand Canyon from a lookout point on the north and south rims, but until you’ve floated down the center of it, you really haven’t seen the Grand Canyon. And I don't know of a better way to see this, this creation than floating through the middle of it.

Havasu Falls In Arizona, USA!!!


Havasu Falls In Arizona, USA!!!

Hiking Vlog to Havasupai


More info about our hike 👇🏼 We intended to get on trail earlier but by the time we drove to the trailhead and found a parking spot, we didn’t start hiking until 7:38 am. ☀️ (You aren’t allowed to sleep at the trailhead anymore - you have to stay at a hotel now. The closest hotel is over an hour’s drive from the trailhead.) Our first mile down was the slowest and we reached Havasu falls by 11:37 am! We ended up hiking another mile or so in the campground looking for a campsite 🙃⛺️ The trail was long and it was hot but overall, it wasn’t too bad! I drank over 2 liters of water on the hike in 🥵 Have any questions about the hike to Havasupai?? Want to see my hike out? 😅👀 📍 a permit is required to visit Havasupai Tribal Lands #hikingadventures #havasupai #andshesdopetoo

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